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We’re constantly adding photos of our cases and the artists/bands that use them day in and day out. Lots of cool custom cases to check out including work/tech boxes, there are so many options and ideas, this page will definitely help if you’re ever in need of ideas for a custom case. click the pic below to go straight to our Instagram page!



We have a slightly used Tele case for sale. It’s in perfect condition and we need it out of here asap! if interested please email for pricing. Thanks!



We have quite a few cases in our “boneyard” and will continue to keep updating cases we have in stock on that page. Here’s a production box that we’re selling at a discounted price. For any questions and pricing on this case send us an email to


Our good friend Scott Shiflett from Face To Face and Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies dropped by to pick up a new Les Paul guitar case. Standard black abs laminate with a custom bright blue velvet wrapped insert. We have a few more Les Paul cases in stock, pick just about any color for your insert that suits you best!


TMG guitars recently moved in next to our shop, built them this nice body and neck rack. Have had some inquiries about these from many other guitar companies as well. If you’re building away in your shop and find it hard to keep organized, let us build one of these for you. TMG guitars love them! And you can check out their great guitars at www. and on instagram


Have a crazy or even simple design in your head that you want to visualize but can’t quite draw it out on paper. Leave it to us, we’ll handle it. Send us any ideas you may have, we’ll help design it and put it to paper before we even start building your dream case. Knowing exactly what you’re getting before you commit is something we take pride in. We want you to have total confidence in us during the simple process of ordering cases through us. We’ll sketch out to scale exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what the design is and build your perfect case for any studio or road gear. Send us an email to for designs and coming up with your idea for your case.



We recently finished and shipped out these two cases for max Karon, guitar tech for Devil Driver. Max has been a great long time client and we wanted to show off his “world” while on the road. Very nice and clean set up with his custom G.O.M.C. guitar tech box and his 8 space guitar boat. Any techs out there should definitely check out this set up.
For more info on Max’s cases feel free to send us an email to and check out Devil Driver on the road this fall. Click the pic to go straight to their website for news and dates on Devil Driver.

max karon devil driver

Wheelie bar!!!!

Roll into any bartending or catering gig with rock star style. Get Off My Case, leaders in innovative road case design and construction, announces the Wheelie Bar. The Wheelie Bar is the world’s first, and definitely coolest, road case bar.

Constructed using the same materials and components that make GMOC cases the first choice for globe-circling musicians, the Wheelie Bar stands up to the harshest environments, from rowdy backyard party to corporate mega-event. Plus, its unique looks will shame any cloth-draped card table bar.

Designed and tested with the professional bartender in mind, the Wheelie Bar is light, portable, sturdy and filled with the features you demand. Simply pull the suitcase-sized Wheelie Bar out of your trunk, backseat or transcontinental luggage carousel and roll it easily to the event with just one hand. Setup in seconds. And packing it back up is quick and easy—even for a very satisfied bar patron!

The Wheelie Bar is available in a variety of colors and can be customized with logos or other graphics. Never miss an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Get your Wheelie Bar now, available exclusively through GOMC,


Product Highlights:

closed dimensions: 31″ wide x 25″ deep x 14″ high
set up for serving: 55″ wide x 51″ high x 24″ deep
ice bucket/bottled beverage serving tub included
24″ aluminum speed rail included
modular 5-piece set up packs into closed case
state-of-the-art flight panel construction
recessed pull handles, latches and lift handles
rolls in set-up mode

Made in the USA


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Here are some stock cases we have that are ready to be picked up or shipped, going at a discounted rate, get them while they last. There are a few guitar tech brief cases, 16 space rack, stand up guitar tech box w/ 3 drawers on casters, pedal board cases and our portable bar. We will be adding more cases to the “boneyard” section as well. All cases in the boneyard section are discounted off our normal pricing. Be sure to email us at for more details and quotes.


Our good friend Tobe is headed out with Alkaline Trio, we recently built him this guitar tech case pictured below. Fully loaded with power, red led littlite, custom 3/8″ hexagrip drawers with red abs faces, red casters, red plush velvet lined work area with powder coated black hardware. We can do any color hardware to give your case the look you want and will stand out from the rest. We also have hundreds of different color laminates to choose from ranging from wood finishes and patterns to coming up with your own custom finish.
For more info and dates on Alkaline Trio check their website at or click the pic below. To get a quote on this case or come up with your own color scheme, send us a message to


For the month of December we are taking up to 30% off of our guitar boats, brief case style work boxes and our custom guitar vaults. For inquiries and more details send a message to
This will only last till the end of December, so take advantage of the savings now!